Be/Well/Come Vol.2 – online edition

From 12-14 November the Wiener Perspektive Training & Education group warmly invites you to peer to peer exchange online and outside following current covid restrictions and hosted by Tanzquartier Vienna. The days are an open invitation to come, go and stay as you like.

Based on the experiences from Be/Well/Come at TQW in 2018 and the three-day session VSOFF Mentoring – Summer Edition at toZomia in August 2020, we develop games, establish a dialogue and share oracle-like experiences now adapted to online and outdoors. The motto for the one on one situations will be “silent mail”, a process in which the elements of previous experiences will be revisited by means of a dynamic that involves active reception, translation and creative misunderstandings. The three days will also include sharing of material from the feedback training as well as two online conversations in bigger groups 1. focusing on peer to peer exchange for alternative training in covid times and 2. Discussing professional training in Vienna with a more long term perspective. Please come to share your knowledge and questions. Even your short or silent presence, online and offline, changes and enriches this event – we look forward to being more or less together!

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