God has a hard time with us

A documentary about the military mission in Bosnia.

Premiere: 18.05.2009 Votivkino, Vienna

In a small town in eastern Bosnia, a group of EUFOR soldiers are fighting with humanitarian problems.

In December 2004 EU launched a military operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina called Althea. Since then EUFOR troops from 27 European countries have been stationed in Bosnia. Their task is to keep in touch with local population and to provide security. A documentary about sense and nonsense of the European military mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Director/Writer: Alina Tretinjak
Cinematographer: Christian Haake
Editor: Natalia Hanzer
Sound: Gailute Miksyte
Music: Iva Zabkar
Producer: Alina Tretinjak

“God has a hard time with us” (AKA “Gott hat es schwer mit uns”)
(Documentary, A 2009, 62′, German/Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian with English subtitles)

Interview about the documentary on OktoTV (German only) : http://oktothek.okto.tv/oktoskop/7148/20111023

Votivkino, Vienna/ Radio Augustin/ Tranzyt Festival/ Dokubazaar/ Volksgruppen ORF/ Oktoskop