South East Towards Mecca

Premiere: 23.05.2006  Votivkino, Vienna

Votivkino, Vienna / Spielboden, Dornbirn / Waldhausen / DeFrance, Vienna / Oktoskop, Okto TV

A documentary about Austria’s first Muslim cemetery.

“In the cargo compartment of an airplane we will come back home.”This Turkish saying describes the situation of Muslim migrants who came to Austria 40 years ago as so called “guestworkers.” Today the Muslim Religious Community is the second largest religious community in Austria and yet, without a cemetery of its own. After forty years of immigration, death became a part of their integration in Europe. The documentary describes the disruption between old and new homeland as well as the moral conflict between social integration and cultural identity.

Director & Writer:  Alina Tretinjak
Co-Writer:  Greta Jamkojian
DOP:  Judith Hasleder
Editor: Karen Tonne
Sound & sound design: Atanas Tcholakov
Producer:  Alina Tretinjak
Music: Mansur Bildik

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